Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Don't Call it a Comeback

New Year's Resolutions are the stuff that disappointment and self-loathing are made of.  As a general rule I never make them-at least not on New Year's Eve.  I've been known to declare an intention for myself, occasionally at a milestone in my life...but rarely have I made them to begin on January first.

Nonetheless, I am ending 2014 with both a resolution and a declaration of intention.  And I figure if I put it out there then there are people in the world that will hold me accountable (but please don't harass me when it's not going as I might hope).

2015 is The Year Without Facebook. My darling husband has asked that I give up all social media-but that's his Dogma.  I actually have a very comfortable love-hate relationship with Facebook.  In the past few years it's really been more love than hate because I really do love keeping up with the family and friends we've made along the way.  And I like to take advantage of the various groups that help me navigate the landscape of the admittedly unique communities that we've lived in over the past 10 years.   Nonetheless, I cannot deny the amount of time I waste and how easily I get distracted by Upworthy headlines and quizzes that promise to tell me which Friends character I am (Ross???) or what color my aura is (orange?).  My intention for 2015 is to be more present in my life-especially with my kids, but also with my friends and my husband.  Facebook allows me to check out-probably 10-20 times per day.  And I know that I would be a better mom/wife/friend if I weren't so distracted.

I've also decided that despite my self-consciousness about writing and putting myself out there for judgment, I really miss writing.  And I have been saying for almost 4 years that I will start again.  But I think maybe I got distracted...seriously Candy Crush is addicting!

I don't think I have any followers of this blog that I don't talk to or at least follow on Facebook to some degree...but that will go away tomorrow.  So, I'll link this post as a little explanation and if anybody feels like they want to follow-they'll know where to find me.  I will also keep my Instagram because it's much less of a time vampire...and I can easily post without wasting an hour "browsing".  

It occurs to me that if there were any followers, they probably think that the Great Pneumonia Episode of 2011 took my life.  Not So.  But life got a little hairy between the hospitalization, and the puppy, and then my little one (who is definitely not so little anymore) had surgery to remove her adenoids and insert tubes in her ears.  Immediately on the heels of that little adventure, we found out we were moving to Bangkok.  So, I just thought I'd take a little hiatus and write again when I got settled.  But that never happened.  I spent two years trying really hard to be SuperMom, and be on every committee and group and board at the girls' school.  But my resolution for 2014 (made mid-year) was to focus where I needed my attention to be and reign in it.  Being a good mom isn't a competition won by heading more committees than anybody's done by being really and truly present in my girls' life.  And so.  That brings me back to my resolution.

I'm going to quit wasting time on Facebook...and start putting my ramblings back into the Blogosphere.  I'm a little older, wiser, wrinklier and more experienced than I was when I last wrote.  I just hope I'm still funny.  Then again, my husband says I'm not nearly as funny as I think I am...

So, Happy New Year-just don't call it a comeback (my apologies to LL Cool J...but I have been here for years).